Project concept

“From Kyoto to East Asia, and from there to the World”

 Kyoto is an ancient city of various cultural and artistic achievements.
It is a place known for deeply spiritual people, who hold diversity in high esteem and contribute to the world peace through cultural exchange (* Declaration of Kyoto as a City Open to the Free Exchange of World Cultures).
The project “Culture City of East Asia 2017, Kyoto” promotes the cultural exchange in the East Asian region, rich in time-honored traditions, and aims to deepen mutual understanding and to strengthen the developing relations between countries while respecting each other identities and points of view.
This project gives many people a great opportunity to enjoy cultural diversity. The city of Kyoto plays the role of a cultural exchange center — a place which connects Japan with other East Asian countries and the world.

 Making acquaintance with the arts and culture of East Asia also presents a great opportunity to rediscover Kyoto and to implement the city’s human resources development plan of educating new creative leaders. The urban development plan will be carried out as well, bringing together various fields of arts, education, industries, tourism and local development.

 This project takes part in the cultural program of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games. As a city of arts and culture full of creative and international activities, Kyoto is looking forward to accomplishing new achievements.


*“Declaration of Kyoto as a City Open to the Free Exchange of World Cultures”
Cities require ideals. If one city’s inhabitants work hard on implementation of ideals based on awareness of world affairs, while reflecting deeply upon their own traditions, that city will play a great role in the world history.
We, the citizens of Kyoto, proclaim our city to be a place of world cultural freedom.

A city of world cultural freedom is one where people from all over the world meet, peacefully and freely, and engage in cultural exchange regardless of race, religion or social status. Kyoto is a city which has preserved its ancient cultural heritage and beautiful natural scenery for a millennium. However, in today’s world it is not appropriate to bask in the glory of the past and to rest on one’s laurels. We believe that Kyoto must always continue to create outstanding new forms of culture by means of extensive cultural exchange with other countries. We wish to establish Kyoto as the center of world cultural exchange.
Of course, such ideals are more easily put into words than practiced. However, we, the people of Kyoto, vow to move towards these lofty ideals with quiet determination.

Creation of a new culture through mutual understanding

 Together with other two partner cities of this cultural exchange mission in China and South Korea, Kyoto will deploy a variety of artistic performances and other events presenting the glamour of the city.
Wishing to build new relationships by means of dialogue and openness, the citizens of the Culture Cities will create opportunities to experience a variety of East Asian cultures.
Moreover, Kyoto will play a central part in receiving international artists and creators, and numerous intercultural collaboration projects will be carried out. Along with the creation of new arts and culture in the East Asian region, Kyoto will serve as a platform for the continuous exchange.

Conveying Kyoto’s appeal to the world

 Through various exhibitions, public performances, symposiums and other cultural events, the people of Kyoto offer an opportunity to rediscover the cultural identity and charms of their city.
By making acquaintance with Kyoto’s traditional arts and crafts, music, theatre, manga and anime, and by experiencing food culture, festivals, architectural and cultural heritage, the creativity inspired by the city’s long history will be transmitted to the future generations.
With the strong support of the citizens, this project intends to convey to the world the profound appeal of Kyoto.

Educating future leaders

 With other two partner cities in China and South Korea, Kyoto intends to proceed to the cultural exchange engaging talented young people. By doing that, young artists and participants of the project will acquire proper understanding of their cultural differences and discover the power of intercultural communication.
Young staff and volunteers are actively engaged in the planning and managing of the project’s events, which will be enjoyed by people of all ages. The goal of this project is to broaden the audience of cultural activities and to educate future leaders who will transmit the arts and culture of Kyoto to the next era.

Project concept

開催期間   平成 29 年 2 月〜11 月 ( コア期間は 9 月〜11 月 )  ※平成 28 年秋以降にプレ事業を実施
会場   ロームシアター京都、京都芸術センター、二条城 など京都市内各所 他
構想   京都市、東アジア文化都市 2017 実行 ( 準備 )委員会