What are the Culture Cities of East Asia?

The Culture City of East Asia project is a three-nation event based on the agreement established during the Japan, China and South Korea Culture Ministers’ Meeting. The project selects one city in each of these three countries in which to hold various cultural activities in the fields of contemporary art, traditional arts and the culture of everyday life, aiming to deepen mutual understanding and build a sense of solidarity in the East Asian region, as well as enhancing the ability of intercultural communication. In addition, the cities selected as Culture Cities of East Asia intend to use this opportunity to implement the project on a continuous basis by promoting their cultural peculiarities, arts, creative industries and tourism.

Partner Cities

    Japan China Korea
2017   Kyoto Changsha Daegu
2016   Nara Ningbo Jeju-teukbyeoljachido
2015   Niigata Qingdao Cheongju
2014   Yokohama Quanzhou Gwangju-gwangyeoksi

Partner Cities Introduction